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Voltag offers wholesale and retail realization of auto parts from global brands: ORME, Magneti Marelli, ZEN, ZM, Transpo, Mobiletron and others. Components come through direct shipments from manufacturers. Available components and units: starters, bearings, ignition modules, pumps and seals for hydraulic steering boosters, generators, fuel pumps, etc. Auto parts are suitable for foreign and homespun cars and special equipment.

The assortment consists of high-demand details for popular brands as well as parts for exclusive brands of representative class.


Trade mark Krauf of Motorherz concern encompasses over 70 plants with narrow specialization. The main orientation – construction, manufacturing and supply of fuel pumps and electric units.


Motorherz’s trade mark (Germany). They provide relay-regulators and diode bridges for generators. The assortment features equipment with electronic control.


Specializes in components for starters and generators. Laboratory and field tests validate reliability of the equipment in various settings including impassability.


Provides bendix and pulleys for starters. The company’s products are well known on all continents. The quality of components conforms to strict international industry standards TS 16949 and P ISO 9001.


An exporter of retractor relays. Supplies products, quality of which is proven by international certificates. Technological equipment for producing spare parts is made in the company itself.


A subsidiary of Italy’s ERA. ERA produces electrical equipment for automobiles. Messmer’s specialization —starters, fuel pumps and generators.


Specialization – electronics for electrical equipment. The leader in supply of generator controllers and diode bridges, details for engine control systems. Factories are located in the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.


Produces modules for electrical equipment and pertinent components. High quality of products are guaranteed by the company via automated gage devices.


The concern produces electrical equipment for all car brands. Their assortment consists of thousands of names with clear structure of catalogization.


Specializes in equipment for auto-electro-systems. Produces components for starters and generators. Products for special equipment, buses, trucks, passenger cars.


Provides repair kits for electrical equipment, differentials and reducers in assembly, components for conditioners, collectors – in aggregate more than 7000 names. A member of APRA association.


Specialization – bearings, components for engines. Manufacturing base – over 40 enterprises in countries with developed industrial base. All products conform to standards DIN-EN ISO 9001, QS-9000.


A Japanese concern. Produces all sorts of bearings. Production area spreads across more than 10 countries. The primary supplier of bearings: their products are exported all over the world.


Specializes in bearings. The products are made for 3 sectors: aviation, automobile and industrial. The primary partner of the leading automakers.


Part of the INA holding. Provides bearings for the military equipment and aviation, automobile industry. Their components are suitable for Ford, Opel, Audi and other cars.


Specialization – all types of bearings. Key notion – protection of the environment. Progress in the company is chiefly determined by conformity of their equipment to ecological requirements.


Supplies bearings and other components, including electrical equipment, to car assembly plants and for post-sale service. The distribution network encompasses almost 60 countries.


Produces and supplies components and details for cars and equipment for service stations. Enterprises operate in over 20 countries. The list of clients includes General Motors, BMW, Ford.


A concern (Germany). The leading supplier of components for ignition systems and electrical equipment. One company’s breakthrough – development of electronic control of cars’ various units.

Magneti Marelli

A subsidiary of Italian concern FIAT with affiliates in almost 20 countries. Develops, manufactures and supplies electric equipment and electronics for automobiles and motorcycles.


A transnational corporation. Specializes in production and supply of high-tech products for the auto parts market. Safety and reliability of products are guaranteed by standards of quality.


Part of More Group Alliance. The leader in production of electronic equipment for automobiles. Ranked №1 in terms of the quality of automobile electronics in Asia. Specializes in the expensive segment of the market.