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Voltag’s specialization is repair and realization of generators and starters for foreign cars: passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, special equipment, waterway transport, buses and scooters.

Information regarding new entries is swiftly provided to out partners on the form of mailing of catalogs and/or price lists.

Refurbished units are also for sale. While being reliable and having a long operational life, their price is considerably lower than that of factory units.

Free diagnostics, repair, generator or starter replacement are performed by specialists of high proficiency.

We guarantee:


In search of equilibrium pricing we follow a plethora of factors, one of them being affordability of prices.

A system
of discounts and promos

Long-term partnership is our priority, and that is why we have developed a system of discounts and promos.


Auto parts are tested by producers. All products are certified.

of quality

Is given for both sold components and refurbished units.

Wide assortment

Our interactive catalog features more than 20000 items.

Operational efficiency

Delivery of products is made on the basis of efficient logistical scheme.