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Regulation «On warranty and return of wrist parts and assemblies»

1. General situation

  • 1.1. The warranty is the acquired right of the Buyer, at the conclusion of the Contract of Sale, to free repair or exchange of a product / unit (hereinafter referred to as the "Product") recognized as non—conforming to the technical requirements of manufacture due to manufacturing defects or material defects.
  • 1.2. This provision does not apply to Bosch products. The warranty obligations are borne by the Bosch Auto Service network and Bosch Diesel Service/Center. You can learn more about the warranty for Bosch products on the official website of Bosch
  • 1.3. In this Regulation, a service station (also referred to as "STO", "STOA", "Service") is understood to be a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur operating within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

2. Warranty obligations

  • 2.1. Warranty obligations for the Product do not apply in the following cases and when the following conditions occur:
    • the presence of visible mechanical and electrical (thermal) damages resulting from improper operation or installation by persons and organizations that do not have certification for the production of these types of work;
    • if foreign objects and liquids get inside the Product;
    • for damages caused by force majeure (road accidents, natural disasters and man-made disasters, etc.);
    • operational wear and natural change of condition, as well as natural aging of the Goods;
    • defects, malfunctions or corrosion of spare parts resulting from the effects of industrial and mechanical emissions, acid or alkaline air pollution, vegetable juice, waste products of birds or animals, chemically active substances, including those used to combat icing of roads, the effects of hail, lightning and other natural phenomena;
    • for consumable spare parts, materials and accessories (including bearings, bushings, brushes, oil seals, seals, gaskets, etc.).

3. The procedure for providing a guarantee

  • 3.1. The Buyer has the right to demand warranty repair/exchange of Goods during the warranty period, subject to all the requirements established by this Regulation.
  • 3.2. The Buyer notifies the Seller of the occurrence of the warranty event in writing, by e-mail warranty@voltag.ru or fax +7 (495) 988-93-76 (ext.178), and organizes the delivery of the Goods to the Seller's warehouse (by and at the expense of the Buyer)..
  • 3.3. To consider the issue of the exchange of Goods, the Buyer must provide:
    • an order-order for the installation/ removal of this part, which must contain the following information: the date of the order-order, the VIN code of the car, the mileage of the car at the time of installation of this part, as well as proof of payment for the service station (if available);
    • a certificate of defective substandard goods issued by the service station that carried out repair work with the signatures of responsible persons and seals;
    • availability of the STOA/SRT certificate/Service for carrying out this type of work.
  • 3.4. The Seller, within 20 days after receiving the Goods, performs diagnostics and notifies the Buyer of the occurrence of a warranty event or refusal of warranty repair / exchange. Within the specified period, the Seller notifies the Buyer about the terms of warranty repair, exchange or return, or about the terms and cost of carrying out paid maintenance of the Goods. In case of a positive response regarding the warranty exchange/refund, all costs of the Buyer related to the transportation and shipment of the Goods for exchange/ replacement are borne by the Buyer.
  • 3.5. In case of a positive decision of the Seller on the warranty exchange of the Goods, the defective Goods are not returned, the warranty period is not interrupted.
  • 3.6. During the period of consideration by the Seller of the Buyer's notification of the possibility of a guaranteed exchange of Goods, the Buyer's purchase of a similar Product from third parties is not a reason for returning funds to the Buyer if the decision on the guaranteed exchange of Goods was positive.

4. Exchange/Refund procedure

  • 4.1. The exchange / return of Goods is carried out only if there is a warranty card, presentation, undamaged packaging with all seals and markers, or on the Product itself.
  • 4.2. The decision to exchange / return the goods under warranty is made only after determining the reasons for the failure of the Goods by the specialists of the Seller's service workshops.
  • 4.3. The goods that were used or installed on the car are not accepted for return and are not exchanged..

The text of the Provision "On warranty and return of wrist parts and assemblies" in PDF format